Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is D&P worth donating to? You decide

Fr. Raymond de Souza, the National Post's priest commentator, in an article in the Catholic Register questions whether it is worth donating to Development and Peace, the Canadian Bishop's Social Justice arm, beleaguered by numerous recent scandals.
"CCODP has a tenuous claim on Catholic dollars because, aside from fundraising in Catholic parishes, they have a tenuous relationship with any distinctively Catholic mission... It’s a prudential judgment about whether a particular organization is an effective means of carrying out the corporal works of mercy, advancing the cause of liberty and justice, and contributing to the common good. As a commentator, I have given my judgment in light of recent controversies. The pastors of the Church have a different collective judgment."
Read the full article here, and you decide.

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  1. My wife and I don't support D&P. Instead we donate to our local maternity home where we know our money will be used not against life or the Church.