Friday, June 24, 2022

With God there are No Coincidences - Roe v. Wade Comes to an End


By the time I post this, it will not be news to anyone that earlier today, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the case of Roe v. Wade, essentially returning the issue of abortion to State Legislators.  This decision has, of course, been eagerly awaited since the draft decision was leaked nearly two months ago.  The fact that the final decision was published today is, I think, no coincidence.

Recently, I've been listening to the Mystical City of God in a Year Podcast by Fr. Edward Looney, a specialist in Mariology who has published several books.  Each day he reads a segment of the 2500-page work on the life of Our Lady and offers a short commentary.  At the moment, I'm currently about two months behind, but that has put me at the account of the three months Our Lady spent with her cousin Elizabeth during the Visitation.

While this is a private revelation, it is approved, so nothing contradicts the deposit of the faith in this section of the monumental work by Ven. Maria of Agreda, we are told that when Mary arrived, far more took place between these unborn cousins than St. John simply leaping for joy; by a special grace, they were able to see each other as though the bodies of their mothers were made of glass, and while St. John was already six months old in his mother's womb, Our Lord was just one week old, but nevertheless prayed for His cousin and bestowed special graces upon him.

So here we have two unborn children, Our Lord and one of the greatest saints to ever have existed, interacting together while still in their respective mother's wombs.  These are the only two unborn children whose actions are recorded in Scripture or anywhere else for that matter.  

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the feast primarily focused on God's love for humanity, on the same day as the birth of St. John the Baptist (yes, the observance of the feast has been transferred, but it's still his birthday), a confluence of days that while not impossible, is exceedingly rare, and today is the day, in his Divine Providence, that God ordained that this life-saving court decision should be issued. 

Here in Canada, of course, R. v. Morgentaler remains on the books and our complete absence of any law protecting unborn children, a distinction we share with China and North Korea, also remains.  So much pro-life work focuses on the political side of things, supporting particular candidates, providing voting guides, protests and marches, and trying to educate the masses with logical argumentation in a society that has abandoned logic.  While these things are helpful, today, God has blared over the megaphone that the spiritual battle is far, far more critical.  He has also told us who we need to call upon, St. John the Baptist and the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, who, long before their respective ministries began, blessed one another while still in the womb.

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